The main function of audit Pension Fund Branch is as follows:

1. Rules relating to advances of Car, HBA etc.
2. Embezzlement and other financial irregularities in public Finance.
3. Write off of losses.
4. Pre-Audit and Arrear claims.
5. Rules relating to Security Deposit.
6. All matters relating to Audit.
7. Rules and procedures regarding General Provident Fund.
8. Submission of monthly Accounts by Treasuries/Divisions.
9. Departmentalization of Accounts.
10. Insurance Scheme of Government servants.
11. P.A.C and C & A Reports.
12. Permanent advance and imprest including fixation of stock reserve limit.
13. Enhancement of Monetary limits for submission of vouchers/sub-vouchers to Accountant General.
14. Matters relating to pension other than the case dealt by Finance Department (Establishment Branch).
15. Verification of Department Accounts and Cash balances.
16. Opening of Bank Accounts.
17. Matters relating to drawal of fund on A.C Bills