1.    Revised Pension Scheme 2018

2.    The 7th CRoP (as modified and extended to the employees under the GoM) Rules, 2018

3.    Finance Handbook

4.Corrigendum on Audit of Local Bodies

5.Debt Management Manual

6.Group Insurance Scheme 1992

7.Mizoram FC _Salaries&allowances_ Amendment Rules, 2012

8.Mizoram Finance Commission(Salaries & Allowances) Rules 2010

9.Mizoram Guarantee Act, 2011

10.Mizoram Protection of Interest of Depositors Act, 2002 as amended in 2011

11.Notification Audit of LBs

12.Notification on Mizoram State Innovation Council

13.Notification on Project Appraisal & Monitoring Manual

14.Notification on stamp duty on salaries, etc

15.Payment of PensionBook

16.Protection of Interest of Depositors Rules 2004

17.The Mizoram Finance Commission Act, 2010

18.The Mizoram Lottery Regulation Rules, 2011

19.The Mizoram Money Lenders & Accredited Loan Providers (Regulation) Rules 2010

20.The Mizoram Money Lenders Act, 2010

21.The Mizoram Protection of Interest of Depositors Act 2002

22.Purchase Advisory Board O.M 11.5.2007

23.Guidelines SPAB/DPAB 16.2.2001

24.Purchase Advisory Board O.M 20.8.2008

25.Member of SPAB/DPAB 29.5.1998

26.Mizoram Treasury Manual

27.Central Treasury Rules

28.General Financial Rules 2017

29.HBA Rules 2017

30.Group Insurance Scheme 2014

31.TA Rules for 7th Pay Mizoram

32.Mizoram DFP Rules, 2011


34.Govt of Mizoram (Allocation of Business) Rules, 2014

35.Govt of Mizoram (Transaction of Business) Rules, 2014

36.CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964

37.CCS(Joining Time) Rules, 1979

38.CCS(Leave) Rules, 1972

39.CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965


41.Mizoram Finance Commission Rules_2010

42.Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure

43.GPF(CS) Rules, 1960

44.LTC Rules 1988

45.CS(MA) Rules 1944


47.RTI Act 2005



50.Prevention of Corruption Act 1988



53.Indian Penal Code 1860





58.    14th Finance Commission Report

59.    13th Finance Commission Report

60.    1st Mizoram Finance Commission Report Mizo Version

61.    15th Finance Commission of India Report for the Year 2020-21 and Explanatory Memorandum

62.    15th Finance Commission of India Report for the Year 2021-26 and Explanatory Memorandum  

63.    The Mizoram Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2006 as ammended