1Promotion of Jr.Grade of MFAS to Senior Grade of MFASDt. 9.7.2021
2Transfer of Pu VL Thlanawma from JD, Southern Lunglei to JD, MSACSDt. 15.9.2021download
3.Pi Malsawmdawngliana JDA(Health) Addl.charge of JDA, PD(Health)Dt. 22.9.2021download
4.Thara Lungtau Senior Grade Promotion to JAG
Dt. 01.12.2021download
5.Promotion of Pu F.Lalremmawia Jr.Grade of MFAS to Senior Grade and Transfer & Posting of Senior Gr. of MFAS
Dt. 03.12.2021download
6.Transfer and Posting of 5 Sr.Grade of MFASDt. 27.5.2022download
7.Extension of Deputation Period in respect of Pu Lalmuanpuia MFASDt.23.6.2022download
8.Transfer and Posting of Junior Administrative Grade of MFASDt.23.6.2022download
9.Transfer and Posting of MFAS
Dt. 26.10.2022download
10.Appointment for 8 Junior Grade of MFASDt. 26.10.2022download
11.Transfer & Posting of MFAS (Modification)Dt. 28.10.2022download
12.Extension of Deputation Period - Dr Lalmuanpuia, Sr Grade MFAS
Dt. 04.11.2022download