1Construction of 21 warehouses and its related infrastructure in 7 Districts of MizoramFood, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs788.966/22/2020
2construction of District Veterinary Hospitals at Champhai, Kolasib and Siaha under NABARD RIDF XXIVAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary214.617/21/2020
3For implementation of 9 Nos.of WSS under NABARD RIDF-XXIVPublic Health Engineering1,598.807/22/2020
4SMS for construction of various buildings under NABARD RIDF XXIIIAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary20.5908-10-20
5For N.Mualthuam Water Supply Scheme (Solar Pumping)Public Health Engineering52.328/28/2020
6For improvement of various roads under NABARD RIDF-XXI-XXIVPublic Works Department3,500.238/31/2020
7For Construction of 05(five) Rural Drinking WS Projects under RIDF-XXV.Public Health Engineering260.9905-12-20
8for infrastructure for 107 Govt School BuildingsSchool Education5005/18/2020
9establishment of Biological Control lab at LengpuiAgriculture131.885/18/2020
10establishment of Warehouse- cum- Collection Centre under NABARDHorticulture199.295/18/2020
11Constr. of 08 warehouses with associated infra. in 06 Districts of MizoramAgriculture2005/22/2020
12Infrastructure works to Public Health InstitutionHealth & Family Welfare801.306-01-20
13For implementation of Meidum-Hortoki road Ph-I and New alignment of rd.from New Khamrang - HuntharPublic Works Department4,411.4306-01-20
14For improvement and widening of Keitum-Chekkawn-N.Vanlaiphai rd.under RIDF-XXIVPublic Works Department2,000.0006-05-20
15Rubber Plantation and Development Project at Rengdil Village and Kanghmun Village,Mamit DistrictSoil & Water Conservation77.169/28/2020
16Const. of Agri.Marketing & Training Infrastructure at LungleiCommerce & Industries430.1711/27/2020
17Spring-shed Development and Water Supply for Chalfilh Catchment Area-IRural Development52.8912-07-20
18SMS for implementation of Rubber Plantation at Rengdil&Kanghmun Village,Mamit DistrictSoil & Water Conservation4.0612/22/2020
19project Infrastructural support for School of Agricultural Science under NABARD RIDF-XXVIAgriculture70001-08-21
20Implementation of Chawmzau Grounwater Irrigation Project under RIDF-XXVI (NABARD)Irrigation & Water Resources227.1501-12-21
21Rural Infrastructure Development Fund 帽XVI (RIDF-XXVI)Agriculture7271/13/2021
22Spring-shed Development and Water Supply for Chalfilh Catchment Area-IRural Development96.521/28/2021
23Implementation of Chawngtlai Riangtlei Tlangmawi Vanva chawngte WSSPublic Health Engineering1,118.2402-01-21
24For Constn.of 05(five) Rural Drinking WS project under RIDF-XXVPublic Health Engineering2902-11-21
25For completion of 6 ongoing MI ProjectsIrrigation & Water Resources353.1202-11-21
26Reiek Rural drinking water supply project under RIDF XXVPublic Health Engineering518.6602-11-21
27SMS for For implementation of 9 Nos.of WSS under NABARD RIDF-XXIVPublic Health Engineering177.6402-11-21