1For extension of ApronCivil Aviation47805-04-20
2For repair of MI Room & toiletCivil Aviation19.7505-04-20
3Supply/installation/testing/maintenance of 2 Electronic Digital Weigh-Bridges of at GMG ZuangtuiFood, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs3005-04-20
4Payment for miscellaneous requirement for Lengpui AirportCivil Aviation335.105-08-20
5Re-alignment/construction of 11kV lines for Mualpheng - Ṭawizo – MaitePower115.086/16/2020
6Replacement of Bare Conductor with ABC and extension of L.T. ABC at ATC Campus, DurtlangPower19.556/22/2020
7Shifting of 11kV line near the Chief Minister’s office, McDonald Hill, Zarkawt, AizawlPower7.56/22/2020
8For management of Sustainable of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) CellPlanning & Programme Implementation206/24/2020
9For constn.of R/W on NH-306'A' between Vairengte and PhainuamPublic Works Department31.256/25/2020
10clearing liabilities for completion of ‘Construction of Directorate of Transport Building at Aizawl’Transport174.2407-03-20
11For payment of "Management of Vehicle on AMC basis"General Administration Department1.4607-09-20
12Constr. of Mamit Multipurpose Indoor StadiumSports & Youth Services462.57/14/2020
13Continuation of Civil Registration system and Mizoram Statistical Development AgencyPlanning & Programme Implementation58.27/15/2020
14For Digitization and Management of Govt. Land RcordsGeneral Administration Department107/20/2020
15For constn. of RWH at CM Bungalow & CMO at Mc.Donald Hill,AizawlPublic Health Engineering39.547/22/2020
16For renovation of internal electrification works & Installation of AC at DVOR,HmunpuiGeneral Administration Department3.127/22/2020
17For constn.of Rest House & Chowkider PWD Complex,BilkhawthlirPublic Works Department412.397/28/2020
18Management of Social Rehabilitation BoardSocial Welfare25.1408-04-20
19Management of Land Revenue & Survey BoardLand Revenue & Settlement25.1408-04-20
20For management of Agriculture Development BoardAgriculture20.3408-04-20
21For management of Bamboo Link Road BoardPublic Works Department20.3408-04-20
22For management of Road & Infrastructure Development BoardPublic Works Department20.3408-04-20
23For management of H&FW BoardHealth & Family Welfare20.3408-04-20
24Management of Man Power Development BoardLabour, Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship20.3408-04-20
25Management of Sports,Youth Affairs & Tourism BoardSports & Youth Services25.1408-04-20
26management of Industrial Development Board under SEDPCommerce & Industries25.1408-04-20
27Management of Bamboo Development Board and Horticulture Development Board under SEDPHorticulture40.6808-05-20
28Management of Veterinary & Fishery Board under SEDPAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary20.3408-05-20
29Management of Rubber & Allied Crops Development Board under SEDPLand Resources, Soil & Water Conservation20.3408-05-20
30Management of Human Resource Development Board under SEDPSchool Education Department20.3408-05-20
31For construction of vertical extension of 52-bedded boys & girls Hostel at ZMCHealth & Family Welfare50008-05-20
32Construction of Mizoram Accounts & Treasury Building at MINECO,Aizawl under SEDPPublic Works Department99.0808-10-20
33For constn.of on-going road worksPublic Works Department1,517.7908-12-20
34For strengthening of Bairabi by-pass road from NH-154 to FCI GodownPublic Works Department28.38/14/2020
35Extension of L.T. line at Edenthar, TuikhurhluPower8.038/24/2020
36Construction of Basement of Bedded Boys & Girls Hostel at ZMCHealth & Family Welfare8009-02-20
37Revision of Durtlang Kangmual House Site Plan (₹12.09 lakh) and Revision of Chekbawk House Site PlanLand Revenue & Settlement40.869/25/2020
38for Construction of Approach Road,Rest Shed,Urinal at Sakawrdai Helipad (₹8.98 lakh) and Darlawn HelGeneral Administration Department15.19/25/2020
40For Const, of Isolation Parking bay including Link Taxiway at Lengpui AirportCivil Aviation625.7410/19/2020
41For conversion of building from SDO(C) office to D.Cs Bungalow at SaitualGeneral Administration Department14.1910/22/2020
42For constn.of Public point Bore-well at various locations within AizawlPublic Health Engineering13010/22/2020
43For Const. of Cargo Booking Complex at Lengpui AirportGeneral Administration Department17.6810/22/2020
44furnishing of Quality Control Research and Development Division Office, ZuangtuiPublic Works Department5.2411-11-20
46Entrepreneurship Development SchemePlanning & Programme Implementation2011/17/2020
47maintenance of Model Bamboo Plantation under SEDPHorticulture79.111/17/2020
48Vertical Extension of existing Bio-Control laboratory Building at Neihbawi, SihphirAgriculture2011/17/2020
49payment of Salaries, wages and repairs & maintenance of vehicles under ZOHANCOCommerce & Industries3911/19/2020
50cultivation of passion fruit under SEDPHorticulture20.0611/20/2020
51Establishment of OP-12 Bio-Fertilizer Production Unit for Sustainable Agriculture in MizoramAgriculture13.1911/23/2020
52For pending liabilities in the matter of WPC(C) No.24 of 2019Local Administration Department32.511/24/2020
53Lumpsum Grant-in-Aid to SchoolsSchool Education15711/25/2020
54Maint. of Passion Fruit Cultivation in Mualkawi&Ngur Village of Champhai Dist.Horticulture1611/27/2020
55Maint. of Dragon Fruit CultivationHorticulture3811/27/2020
56For construction of concrete pavement at Maubawk & re-constn.of CW Wall,Vailui CulvertPublic Works Department40.512-01-20
57procurement of Steam Cooking system for Jails in MizoramHome5212-01-20
58for SLSALaw & Judicial1512-01-20
59Soil investigation under SEDPCommerce & Industries3.2812-04-20
60For of CM Bungalow at Mc Donald Hill,ZarkawtPublic Works Department3.4812/14/2020
61construction of Playground at Zemabawk, Aizawl under SEDPUrban Development & Poverty Alleviation5012/14/2020
62Community based Environment Conservation and Ecotourism Project at Ailawng villagePlanning & Programme Implementation7.212/14/2020
63For 3 (three) LT Lines ExtensionPower40.8312/15/2020
64construction of Agriculture Link Road form Baktawng/ Chhuanthar to TuirialAgriculture2012/17/2020
65For final payment for Const. of different types of Quarters at SaitualGeneral Administration Department34.2612/17/2020
66Const of culvert wing wall for restoration of formation colapse on kolasib to bairabiPublic Works Department2212/18/2020
69Construction of office building and residential quarters at Mamit and SiahaTaxation612.912/29/2020
70establishment of Piggery Farm (20 Sows unit)Animal Husbandry & Veterinary28.5212/29/2020
71Bamboo Plantation; Cultivation of Dragon Fruit / MarigoldHorticulture306.4401-04-21
72For implementation of Arecanut plantation for 300 families within Mamit & Kolasib Dist.Land Resources, Soil & Water Conservation7501-04-21
73Construction of the incomplete building of the Directorate of Economics & Statistics Department (BasPublic Works Department4501-05-21
74Sponsorship of 20 meritorious candidates for IAS Coaching at New Delhi under SEDPLabour, Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship70.6501-12-21
75for Opening of newly created District Offices viz.Saitual,Khawzawl and Hnahthial under SEDPEconomic & Statistic12.161/15/2021
76For establishment of Biotechnology Cell under Science & TechnologyPlanning & Programme Implementation301/18/2021
77Widening of Town Road from Banglakwn to Electric Veng,KolasibGeneral Administration Department28.651/21/2021
78For retrofitting of SRDC OfficeGeneral Administration Department38.641/22/2021
79Re-alignment of 11kV AIR-1 feeder near Bible House, Upper KhatlaPower7.431/25/2021
80‘Tung Plantation Pilot Project’ within Serchhip DistrictHorticulture61/27/2021
81For constn.of approach road to T.Romana College from ITI-MualpuiPublic Works Department1001/29/2021
82For load security to Augmentation & renovation of Biate WSS(pumping)Public Health Engineering30.191/29/2021
83For Constn. of Agril.Link Road Ruangva Zau in DarlawnAgriculture102-01-21
84Extension of affiliation of Govt. Mizoram Law College to the Bar Council of IndiaHigher & Technical Education18.7502-01-21
85Construction of Approach Road Tri-junction Agriculture Potential Area in Kani Phai Zau, ZokhawthiangAgriculture2502-01-21
86Improvement of Distribution System within Zemabawk Area (Phase-I)Power128.7502-02-21
87For constn.of Bio-Meddical Waste Management at MuallungthuHealth & Family Welfare3402-02-21
88Restoration of 66kV line between Sentlang Sub-Station to Durtlang Sub-StationPower62.1602-03-21
89For preparation of NAAC assessment of Accredit cycles in respect of 5 collegesHigher & Technical Education3502-03-21
90Printing of text book for distribution to student of class Vi to VIII (SCERT)School Education133.302-11-21
91Const of Cement Concrete pavement on app rd to Saihapui VPublic Works Department79.702-11-21
92Survey and investigation of RWH Dam at ReiekPublic Health Engineering39.702-11-21