1SMS for SDRFDisaster Management & Rehabilitation1004/17/2020
2SMS for SDRFDisaster Management & Rehabilitation3004/17/2020
3Post Matric Scholarship during 2019-20Higher & Technical Education11.034/23/2020
4₹15.00 lakh against 2nd Tranche of 1st Installment of Central Share for SVEP for 2019-20Rural Development1505-08-20
5SMS for NRLM/Aajeevika for the year 2019-20Rural Development283.2605-11-20
6SMS for DDUGKY under NRLM for 2019-20Rural Development26.3305-11-20
7SMS for PMMVY released during 2019-20Social Welfare5.8505-12-20
8For Constn.of 05(five) Rural Drinking WS project under RIDF-XXVPublic Health Engineering005-12-20
9SMS for MGNREGSRural Development1.55/14/2020
10SMS for 1st instalment of 2nd tranche for MGNREGA (Material & Administrative) for 2019-20Rural Development52.745/14/2020
11SMS for 4th instalment of 1st tranche for MGNREGA (Material & Administrative) for 2019-20Rural Development2.235/14/2020
12SMS for 1st instalment of 1st tranche for MGNREGA (Wage component) for 2020-21Rural Development1,518.135/14/2020
13SMS for 3rd instalment of 2nd tranche for MGNREGA (Wage component) for 2019-20Rural Development250.015/14/2020
14SMS for 1st instalment of 1st tranche for MGNREGA (Material & Admve) for 2020-21Rural Development465.795/14/2020
15SMS for 2nd instalment of 2nd tranche for MGNREGA (Wage component) for 2019-20Rural Development923.575/14/2020
16SMS against 1st instt of C/A for implementation of projects under WDC-PMKSY (for 2019-20)Rural Development168.565/15/2020
17SMS for 1st instalment of 2nd tranche for MGNREGA (Wage component) for 2019-20Rural Development560.75/15/2020
18RUSAHigher & Technical Education1005/18/2020
19SMS against fund release during 2019-20 for Implementation of Project TigerEnvironment, Forests & Climate Change37.525/20/2020
20SMS as incentive fund for implementation of of functional household tap connection under JJMPublic Health Engineering571.495/21/2020
22SMS for Sample Survey & StatisticsAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary2.675/21/2020
232nd installment for DRDA Administration Scheme (for 2019-20)Rural Development18.395/21/2020
24SMS against 1st tranche of 3rd installment for implementation of MKSP under MSRLMRural Development5.45/22/2020
25SMS for AYUSH medicinal plantHealth & Family Welfare2.525/22/2020
26SMS for NULPUrban Development & Poverty Alleviation17.895/28/2020
27SMS against 3rd instt of NEC grant for constn. of 132kV S/C line on DC tower from Bairabi (74 km)Power277.785/28/2020
28Implementation of AMRUT for the year 2020-21Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation503.015/28/2020
29MidDay MealSchool Education7.95/28/2020
30SMS for SamagraSchool Education595.855/29/2020
31MidDay MealSchool Education179.075/29/2020
32Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) for 2019-20Social Welfare8.0506-04-20
33SMS for Constn. of Lawngtlai Bypass Road Phase.-I/NLCPRDistrict Councils28.3106-04-20
34construction of Women’s Hostel at Govt. Serchhip CollegeHigher & Technical Education19.7306-04-20
35SMS for Implementation of Rubber based project village & strategic Development initiative under LADCDistrict Councils3.4206-04-20
36SMS against 4th instalment of 2nd tranche of C/A towards wage component under MGNREGA (2019-20)Rural Development159.5806-04-20
37SMS for Constn. of Student Hostel at Aizawl in r/o CADCDistrict Councils33.906-08-20
38SMS for Strengthening of 33kV S/S at Zaizawhtlang and Thenhlum (2nd instt.)Power22.2206-08-20
39Samagra Shikha Abhiyan-Teacher EducationSchool Education326.3306-09-20
40DAY-NULM as 1st installment for 2020-21Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation6806-10-20
41SMS for 1st instt of PMAY-G specifically for the year 2017-18Rural Development121.2706-10-20
42SMS for completion of 5 on going MI Projects under PMKSYIrrigation & Water Resources9.2506-10-20
43SMS against 1st instalment of Central Share for implementation of NRLM during 2020-21Rural Development555.8206-10-20
44SMS for PMGSYPublic Works Department17.6706-11-20
45SMS for implementation of Swachh Bharat MissionPublic Health Engineering75.7806-11-20
46Post Matric ScholarshipHigher & Technical Education382.986/19/2020
47MDMSchool Education18.486/19/2020
48For const. of Lianchhiari Run at Treasury Square,AizawlInformation & Public Relation506/24/2020
49implementation of PDMC under PMKSY (for 2019-20)Agriculture1206/24/2020
53Mission Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH)/HMNEHHorticulture88.896/25/2020
54For SMS of NHMHealth & Family Welfare265.566/25/2020
55SMS for implementation of various componenets under NLMSAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary75.2607-01-20
573rd & final instt of SMS for “Construction of Market Building at Vairengte”Rural Development11.7507-03-20
58SMS for implementation of PMKSYHorticulture6.6607-07-20
59SMS under National Livestock Mission schemeAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary7.3507-07-20
60SMS under National Livestock Mission schemeAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary32.407-07-20
62Samagra Shikha Abhiyan-Teacher EducationSchool Education242.7807-09-20
63Samagra Shikha AbhiyanSchool Education211.1107-09-20
64MidDay MealSchool Education172.8207-10-20
65Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) released for 2019-20Social Welfare17.5707-10-20
66SMS for Implementation of Forest Fire Prevention and Management Scheme as 1st installment during 202Environment, Forests & Climate Change12.707-10-20
67SMS for implementation of PMAY (HFA)Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation107-10-20
68SMS for SPMRM clusters under Phase-3 during 2020-21Rural Development907/13/2020
69Implementation of various activities under POSHAN AbhiyaanSocial Welfare62.637/14/2020
70Implementation of Special Nutrition ProgrammeSocial Welfare68.537/14/2020
71SMS for implementation of Special Nutrition Programme (General Component)Social Welfare37.87/14/2020
72implementation of Anganwadi Services (ICDS) Training Programme as 2nd installment for 2019-20Social Welfare2.997/14/2020
73For SMS of JJM (NRDWP)Public Health Engineering220.287/14/2020
74SMS for Const. of District Museum,LungleiArt & Culture91.917/14/2020
75SMS for Construction of New Market Building at Dawrpui VengCommerce & Industries19.297/15/2020
76for running of 175 Creches under the National Creche Scheme for the Children of Working Mothers relSocial Welfare26.547/16/2020
77Implementation of ICPSSocial Welfare207/16/2020
78Nursing School at Synod Hospital,DurtlangHealth & Family Welfare42.197/17/2020
79Implementation of Bio-Medical Waste ManagementHealth & Family Welfare9.367/17/2020
81For organizing Music Festival,2018Tourism0.447/17/2020
83SMS for Swachh Bharat MissionPublic Health Engineering5.37/22/2020
84For SMS of NRDWP(JJM)Public Health Engineering15.427/22/2020
86NFSM(Oilseeds & Oilpalm)Agriculture67.227/23/2020
88SMS for upgradation of KDZKT RoadPublic Works Department277.787/27/2020
89SMS towards implementation of PMAY-HFA (U)Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation16.497/27/2020
90SMS for MPF SchemeHome13.227/30/2020
91SMS for constn.of Hnahthial-Haulawng via Zotui Rd.Ph-IPublic Works Department34.2108-03-20
92SMS against 2nd instt of CA for implementation of projects under WDC-PMKSY 2019-20Rural Development78.8908-06-20
93SMS for setting up of CFC for Wood Carpentry cluster, BaktawngCommerce & Industries21.208-10-20
94Implementation of National Afforestation ProgrammeEnvironment, Forests & Climate Change82.178/24/2020
95Establishment of Digital Planetarium at Lunglei under NEC as 2nd installment for 2020-21Planning & Programme Implementation11.118/26/2020
96implementation of Smart City MissionUrban Development & Poverty Alleviation755.5609-02-20
97Implementation of National Health MissionHealth & Family Welfare0.1109-08-20
98SMS for implementation of NMSAAgriculture11.1109-08-20
99SMS for implementation of NMSAAgriculture29.5909-08-20
100SMS for implementation of PMKSYAgriculture55.5609-08-20
101SMS for additional projects under BADP for 2019-20Rural Development217.609-08-20
103For constn.of 100-bedded Dist.Hosptl.-in-Patient Deptt.(IPD) at MamitHealth & Family Welfare09/21/2020
104for implementation of Ujjawala Scheme as 1st installment for 2019-20Social Welfare1.119/25/2020
105implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)Social Welfare11.729/25/2020
106SMS for MIDHHorticulture111.119/25/2020
107Construction of I & C Centre at S.HlimenTransport119/28/2020
108SMS for National Food Security Mission (NFSM)Agriculture16.0510-05-20
109SMS for implementation of Soil Health Card Scheme under NMSAAgriculture1.7610-05-20
110Implementation of AYUSH Medicinal PlantsHealth & Family Welfare9.2310-06-20
111SMS of PMKSYHorticulture83.3310/13/2020
112SMS towards Monitoring Cost for DDU-GKY for the F/Y 2016-19Rural Development2.5410/15/2020
113Implementation of Mahila Shakti Kendra SchemeSocial Welfare16.4710/19/2020
114SMS for pre-Matric Scholarship for ST studentsHigher & Technical Education43.2110/20/2020
115SMS for development of Industrial Estate at Industrial Growth Centre, Luangmual, Mizoram as 1st InstCommerce & Industries79.610/22/2020
116Renovation & Modernization of Maicham Phase-I (2 MW) SHPPower5010/26/2020
117Construction of 132kV S/C line on DC tower from Bairabi to W.PhailengPower77.7810/26/2020
118Strengthening of 33/11kV Sub-Station at Zaizawhtlang and Thenhlum with associated linesPower10.2810/26/2020
119For implementation of MPF SchemeHome123.0611-03-20
120Samagra Shikha Abhiyan-Teacher EducationSchool Education19511/13/2020
121SMS for establishment of Rootstock bank for grapes at Mualkawi village, Champhai Dist and Scion BanHorticulture30.2611/17/2020
123SMS for Implementation of Project Tiger in Dampa Tiger ReserveEnvironment, Forests & Climate Change12.0911/19/2020
124SMS for different components under RGSA for 2020-21Local Administration Department33.9512-01-20
125better performance incentives under the Scheme for Modernization of PoliceHome29.0712-04-20
126Implementation of Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat (IDWH)Environment, Forests & Climate Change37.712-04-20
127Rubber Based Settlement Project Village & Strategic Development Initiative in LADCDistrict Councils4.6612-09-20
128SMS against 1st installment of Central Share for DRDA (2020-21)Rural Development18.3112-11-20
129For SMS of FW(IM) against 1&2 installmentHealth & Family Welfare159.9212/14/2020
130For SMS of National AYUSH MissionHealth & Family Welfare17.2712/14/2020
131implementation of Capacity Building Activities under PMAY (HFA)Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation412/16/2020
133SMS for implementation of JJMPublic Health Engineering220.2812/18/2020
134SMS for NRDWP(JJM)Public Health Engineering012/18/2020
135SMS for DIETSchool Education221.6212/21/2020
137implementation of Integrated Sample SurveyAnimal Husbandry & Veterinary12.6701-04-21
138Implementation of Samagra Shiksha (Elementary Education)School Education4.211/13/2021
139SMS for implementation of NHMHealth & Family Welfare313.891/14/2021
140SMS for constn.of Medical CollegeHealth & Family Welfare277.781/14/2021
141SMS for Faculty Recruitment Support under RUSAHigher & Technical Education57.961/15/2021
142SMS for MGNREGA (Material & Administrative contingency) for the year 2020-21Rural Development386.831/18/2021
143SMS for ‘Development of Industrial Estate at EPIP, Lêngte’Commerce & Industries781/18/2021
144SMS for MGNREGA (Material & Administrative contingency) for the year 2020-21Rural Development394.341/18/2021
145SMS for Samagra ShikshaSchool Education1,042.951/18/2021
146SMS for Implementation of Teacher Education component under Samagra Shiksha SchemeSchool Education712.651/20/2021
147SMS for SBMPublic Health Engineering16.381/22/2021
148SMS for PMAY-HFA(U)Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation18.711/22/2021
149For Constn. of Lai Cultural Centre Cum Auditorium at LawngtlaiArt & Culture11.111/22/2021
150SMS for SPMRM Phase-IRural Development301/25/2021
151SMS for training expenditure under SIRD&PR during 2020-21Rural Development91/25/2021
152SMS against 2nd tranche of 1st installment of Central Grant for RGSALocal Administration Department33.951/25/2021
153For constn.of 100-bedded Dist.Hosptl.IPD at Mamit under CSRHealth & Family Welfare50.81/25/2021
154implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)Social Welfare3.411/25/2021
155SMS for implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)Social Welfare2.061/27/2021
156For SMS of AYUSH Health & Wellness CentresHealth & Family Welfare3.81/27/2021
157SMS for implementation of ICPSSocial Welfare12.251/28/2021
158SMS for Implementation of Schemes for Adolescent GirlsSocial Welfare0.321/28/2021
159SMS for NMAETAgriculture28.061/29/2021
160Implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY)Social Welfare28.471/29/2021
161implementation of Special Nutrition ProgrammeSocial Welfare188.302-01-21
162SMS for Construction of 5 Observation Home at Mamit,Champhai,Serchhip,Lawngtlai and Siaha DSocial Welfare43.7302-01-21
163SMS for implementation of Anganwadi ServicesSocial Welfare378.7102-01-21
164NDCP under NHMHealth & Family Welfare40.8902-03-21
165For SMS of NHMHealth & Family Welfare184.2202-05-21
166SMS for Faculty Recruitment support under RUSAHigher & Technical Education002-11-21
167SMS for BADPRural Development59.802-11-21
168SMS for NHMHealth & Family Welfare124.7802-11-21